Dolphin Services, LLC has earned a superior reputation of providing integrated and diversified services to the oil and gas industry, ports, chemical plants and refineries, and governmental agencies. In addition to steel fabrication, construction services are a large part of Dolphin's business. Our offsite crews perform a variety of offshore and inland construction work, including municipal projects, pipelines, docks, floodgates, pump stations, blasting and coating, and spud barge operations. Dolphin Services, LLC has earned a superior reputation as a quality fabricator of structures used in the production of oil and gas along the Gulf Coast and abroad, as well as an integrated provider of offshore and inshore services that keep the energy industry pumping.



















Located adjacent to Gulf Island Fabrication's Houma yard, Steel Sales is meeting the industry’s increased demand for carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel pipe, plate, structural shape and grating, while providing value-added services such as blasting, priming and cutting. The oil and gas industry is built on steel, and Dolphin Steel Sales is here to supply it.

Project Types

At our fabrication yard in Houma, Louisiana, skilled craftsmen construct a variety of unique structures to meet the individual needs of our customers. As our fabrication capabilities have expanded, so has our reputation for quality workmanship and personal service. Our qualified crews also perform offshore and onshore services.


- Platforms

- Caisson Decks

- Packaged Skids

- Spud Barge Operations

- Offshore Hook-ups, Repair

and Maintenance

- Pipe Spooling

- Scaffolding

- Blasting & Coating

- Inshore Construction

- Municipal Work

- Jumper Spools, PLETs, PLEMs and other

Subsea Components

- Short Turnaround Off-the-Shelf Caisson

(STOC) Deck

- ASME-coded Vessel Repair

Gulf Island Services is committed to a quality control system that ensures your project is built right the first time and delivered on time. We invest in the safety and skills of our greatest resource—our skilled craftsmen— and have compiled a remarkable safety record.

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