With the recent acquisition of Leevac Shipyards, Gulf Island Fabrication is able to build upon their 65 year history of delivering vessels beyond the Gulf of Mexico and allows us to have the capacity and location to meet our customers' demands. We offer a quick repair yard in Lake Charles LA. Our Jennings LA location has history of delivering ATBs, casino boats, barges and supply boats.






















Over the years our company has designed, fabricated and repaired vessels including, but not limited to, offshore supply vessels (OSV), platform support vessels (PSV), crew boats, supply boats, oilfield specialty and research vessels, inland and oceangoing tug boats and barges – as well as commercial fishing vessels, workboats, casino boats, excursion and passenger vessels. We can also provide specialized vessel repairs for liftboats, dredge boats and more. In addition, Gulf Island has designed and built quarter units (man housing units) as well as drydocks.

Ship Engineering and Design

At Gulf Island, our design team provides in-house 3D design and lofting. We  provide a fully staffed Technical department that offers comprehensive stem to stern design – utilizing the most advanced engineering software – for all manner of vessels and barges.


Our design team possess the experience and technical expertise to design vessels to our customers' exact specifications – as well as providing assistance with concept development. The fact is that our customers can simply provide their ideas on paper and our engineers and designers will take the project from start to delivery.

The subsidiary specializes in the design, construction and repair of marine vessels with manufacturing efficiency and the Gulf Island Fabrication commitment to quality craftsmanship, evidenced by one of the lowest repair rates in the industry.

Our experienced and talented team includes pipe designers, structural steel designers, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers.

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Fabrication Equipment

Over the span of nearly half a century, Gulf Island has designed and constructed a wide variety of vessels and barges to serve the oilfield services, gaming, excursion and commercial fishing industries, among others. Our new construction and repair facilities are strategically located to be easily accessed from both the Gulf of Mexico and Intracostal Waterway. With the industry's most experienced craftsmen and shipbuilders, top-notch design team, and cutting edge manufacturing technology, Gulf Island Shipyards quality of workmanship is unsurpassed. Our vessels are built to international standards meeting all safety requirements, industry regulation and certification criteria for worldwide operations.


- Graving Dock 660 x 250 x 32

- Side Launchway System

- 7 drydocks with capacities up to

12,500 tons

- Numerous Cranes

- In-house Engineering

- Hydraulic Transporters (200 tons

each for a total of 3,600 tons)


- Pipe cutting machine

- Automated Panel Line

- Automated Blasting & Painting


- Automated Cutting Tables

- Automated Girder Beam Welding


- Rolling Mills



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