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Building Safety into Every Project

Gulf Island Safety Award Winnder

At Gulf Island, we believe that a strong safety culture is a critical element of our success and are committed to the safety and health of our employees and subcontractors. Our future success begins with keeping our greatest asset – our workforce – safe. It’s our expectation that all personnel safely return home at the end of every day. In addition to providing timely instruction to ensure our workforce has the knowledge and skills to perform their work safely while maintaining the highest standards of quality, we provide on-going safety education and training to all personnel to ensure they are ready for the challenges inherent in all our projects. We know that leadership is a critical factor in continuing our cultural journey, centered on zero incidents as an expectation, not a vision or goal.


We monitor, share safety learnings and hazard alerts, and conduct safety stand downs to ensure targeted safety topics, near-misses, and best practices are shared across the organization. Incident management reviews are conducted and our safety observation card program helps to reinforce our commitment to safe operations.

We also run emergency drills on a regular basis to train and prepare for various emergency scenarios that could occur in and around our operations. We feel this helps to keep our workforce and facilities in a continual state of preparedness to respond to emergency situations.

In 2020, we implemented a cross-functional leadership team focused on the ever-changing readiness required in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this includes preventative protocols and analysis of confirmed positive test results and trends.