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At Gulf Island Fabrication, we manufacture complex steel structures and marine vessels for variety of industries. We also provide related installation, hookup, commissioning, repair and maintenance services with specialized crews and integrated project management capabilities.


Our Fabrication division focuses on manufacturing structures such as offshore drilling and production platforms, as well as other steel structures for customers in the oil and gas industry. We also manufacture structures for renewable wind energy customers, as well as modules for petrochemical facilities.

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Our Shipyard division focuses on manufacturing newbuild ships and other vessels, repair and conversion projects, such as lengthening vessels, and providing technical services. We also construct and utilize various drydocks to lift marine vessels out of the water for maintenance and inspection.

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Our Services division focuses on providing interconnect piping services on offshore platforms and inshore structures along with onshore and offshore scaffolding and piping insulation services. We also provide services to companies that have platforms and other structures for various on-site construction and maintenance activities. Additionally, we manufacture packaged skid units and provide services for various municipal and drainage projects.

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