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Gulf Island is a diversified, publicly traded corporation that has grown to be a worldwide leader in the project management, construction, and servicing of offshore and onshore facilities within the energy sector and beyond. In our construction facilities located in the United States along the Gulf Coast, our craftsmen have built many "First of a Kind" products along with some of the largest steel structures across the globe that continue to serve our customers today.

Our Core Values

Our mission is to excel in providing solutions for our customers across a variety of industries by achieving success for our customers, safety for our employees, and value for our shareholders through a constant emphasis on:


We continually invest in employee training and technology to maintain the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. We approach safety as a primary foundation of how we work.


We proudly operate in a fair and ethical manner because we strongly believe that the success of an organization is built on the trust of our employees, customers, and our shareholders.


We have built our reputation by delivering quality products and services to clients around the globe for over 30 years.

Revolutionizing the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

After our formation in 1985 and in the subsequent decades, the offshore oil and gas industry made significant investments in the continental shelf and deepwaters of the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf Island was instrumental in building many of the offshore structures which remain in production today delivering oil and natural gas to our shores. New techniques were required to meet the requirements of our customers as production continued to extend into deeper offshore waters. Gulf Island was there to provide many "Firsts" and worked with clients to develop unique solutions to offshore oil and gas production challenges.

Innovating Since Conception

Our history dates back to 1947 when our founder, Alden J. "Doc" Laborde, worked on the first offshore oil and gas well in the Gulf of Mexico. In 1953, Laborde revolutionized the oil and gas industry by designing the world's first offshore mobile drilling rig. Laborde later took advantage of the downturn that hit the oil and gas industry in 1985 and purchased a fabrication facility in Louisiana that had gone bankrupt, and thus co-founded Gulf Island Fabrication, Inc. The Company went public in 1997 (NASDAQ: GIFI) after it quickly established itself as an offshore leader. After years of sustained growth, we proudly possess the largest fabrication capacity in the U.S. along with a complement of services and shipbuilding capacity.

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